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UsefulWriter means original, unique writing that is custom-crafted for your specific needs.You get compelling long- and short-form content that resonates with your audience.After all, it's your story that needs to be told.

About Don Hamilton (me)

A technologist for decades, I've experienced the growth of the tech industry as a user, a consultant, an educator, a developer, a programmer, and a writer. This perspective gives me more than textbook learning. I understand the needs of your business and your customers.Personal attention to my clients is key, as is my intensive research and high-quality writing.I maintain a limited client list. This keeps both my writing and our business relationship focused at the highest level.I'll tell your story well.Please tell me how I may be useful to you.You can also take a look at my portfolio.

Don Hamilton, UsefulWriter


Let's talk about quality writing.You're not added to an automated list.I'll handle your matters personally.Guaranteed.-Don Hamilton, UsefulWriter
Writing that's crafted, not computed.